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 Commercial Loan Solutions offers a wide variety of fix and flip loans for the real estate investor looking to capitalize on investment opportunities. Other programs designed for investors include accounts receivable financing, New Construction, rate and term refinance, Hard money/private investors and Cash Out loan products that provide investors the ability to capitalize on fantastic real estate opportunities                                                                                        

Accounts Receivables Financing: 

Same day approval/closing in 2-5 days, working capital is sent within 24 hours of receiving invoice, deal directly with the decision makers, no debt is added to your balance sheet!


Whether you are an established business or just getting started, insufficient cash flow can cripple your operations and growth capabilities. Traditional institutions often do not view your company’s Accounts Receivable for what they are, an asset! We do not see through the eyes of traditional lending institutions and can turn your Accounts Receivable into working capital. This takes away the concern of making payroll, paying vendors/suppliers, and securing growth capital. Your only concern should be producing a product or performing a service, not having to chase clients to meet everyday expenses. Let us turn your Accounts Receivable into a Line of Credit by using your invoices as collateral.

How does Accounts Receivable Financing work?

Once you generate an invoice, We go to work for you. We begin by verifying the submitted invoice(s) and advancing up to 90% of the total value of the invoice(s). We are concerned with the credit quality of your clients (account debtors) and not your personal or business credit scores. Working capital will arrive in your bank account within 24 hours. Once your client has sent payment for the invoice(s), we will charge a financing fee and remit the balance back to you. We can repeat this process as often as you can generate an invoice


Our core business is providing liquidity to  investors with all the loan products needed to develop and increase their investment portfolio.

We underwrite each potential new loan to ensure a winning outcome for our clients, looking to the future for a long term relationship as the premier one stop investors financial source.

We always display our rates and terms for loans and we hold firm to our policy of no junk fees or hidden costs for our clients.

We continuously invest in technology and infrastructure in order to improve the client experience and operational efficiency.

Providing amazing customer service and adding true value for our clients that separate us from being a commodity. We are a new better type Investors financial company.

                                             NO UPFRONT FEES

Technology is providing a more productive environment to work in. Through this website, you can submit a complete secure online loan application or simply submit questions. 



Juan Murillo, Jr
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Phone: 616-990-8899
Cell: 616-272-9692
Fax. 800-537-9117
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